falling into love again ... through the constellation of our endocrine system

“We understand human sexual attraction poorly because it is tied to the invisible and to the imperceptible of the flesh; to the soul, to the breath.” Luce Irigaray, Between East and West: From Singularity to Community, New York, Columbia University Press (2002: 82).

Our Endocrine System is the system of our hormones, which we associate with our sexuality. Culturally I believe, like the French Feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray, that we have an impoverished understanding of sexual attraction. The erotic and the sexual, the fecund and the potent all portend to the life force, which is both fuller and more complex than any of us individually.

The sixteen glands are organized along the vertical axis. In the workshop we will explore the relationship and alignment between the glands and our diaphragms. The diaphragms provide horizontal support throughout the torso enabling the use of voice and integration around the vertical axis. From the base of the spine and the pelvic floor to the cranial diaphragm and the pineal gland we will sound and move our way through the torso and around the vertical axis. This will help to ground the glands in the body through the expression of voice.

The endocrine system connects us beyond the material body to the complexity of existence … pre-conception and post-death … a communication network transported by the fluids and beyond … a constellation!