Anticipating the opening of the studio

I am back from my trans-continental work and travels between Perth and Sydney. In between arriving home, and driving to the Victorian Alps to teach my annual workshop, I am resting at Riddells Creek. Today the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the insects chirping … bliss! The workshop this weekend in Tawonga is due to the wondrous yoga teacher Mary-lou Hogarth and each year is a delight as we explore BMC in the lush environment of the Keiwa Valley. Outside the doors of the hall we can view Mt Bogong with its snowy peak.

 This morning I made a proprietorial round of the Riddells Creek property … as the mistress/madam (mmm nice double entendre!!) I feel like I am at the service of this glorious piece of earth. The creek is running after heavy rains, and I imagine the pleasure people will have in discovering the many beautiful places on the property when they attend the first retreat in a few weeks. It is a very exciting and exacting time. Ross and Daniel continue to work alongside each other creating the bathroom. Local trades people have added their skills and specialties. The Studio/Retreat has become the source of much local wonder and interest. We recognize we are creating a significant space in a community. I look forward to a time when we welcome both the local folk and the performing community of Melbourne in a celebratory opening ritual.

 In the meantime there is work to be done and I feel thrilled and excited at the emergence of this long held vision. Sometimes it feels surreal and then I venture into the studio and I experience a profound sense of potential. The space is waiting for us to fill it with moving bodies, moving minds, and the luminosity of delicious dancing.