Alice’s sensitive and non-sentimental approach combined with her consummate skill as a teacher enabled moments of sublime synchronicity and movement between the micro and the macro … made room for points of suspension as experience and possibility merged with exquisite clarity. Her guidance helped shape a passage through the three brains of gut, heart and head that refused linearity and constraint and encouraged profound and self-reflective spaciousness.  

Brenda D

I absolutely treasure the time in Alice's classes. It's difficult to do justice to the work in words; you really have to experience it. I would recommend Alice's work, without hesitation, to anyone.

Natalie M

I came to Alice's workshop thinking that I knew what tone and tensegrity were. Having studied anatomy in great detail over the past seventeen years I had a firm grasp on the concepts, ideas and principles. Alice skillfully guided us along a dynamic, nuanced and kaleidoscopic journey. I left with a completely new way of moving, an absolute confidence and trust in my ability to support myself on every level. This has opened the gateway to a new level of athleticism, grace and emotional freedom.

Maggie M

I was surprised at the breadth of what BMC has to offer and how it engages one’s intelligence on so many levels.

Pi Wei L

Alice ... I think you're a brilliant teacher! You create such a safe and nurturing space. Its a beautiful experience and it must be healing for everyone who participates... Thank you ...

Linda P

I found the last workshop on Cellular Consciousness really turned on the light bulb around the differences in touch that targets distinct systems of the body. I came away with a deep body-based understanding of cellular function.

Robyn P

 I found your exercises challenging, imaginative, exploratory, informative, unique, and - I think above all - exquisitely beautiful.

Kate B

Alice is quite a unique professional ... using her creativity and knowledge of the human body and how it functions, with her expertise and genuine wisdom.

Fiona F

Your movement is inspiring, your instruction powerful and real. Moving completely and clearly in each moment is a wonder and a joy. Thank you for sharing your gifts, for providing the space and direction that led me to experience the pure beauty and comfort in being wholly present, being open and connected to everything right here now. Here it is, and again!

Rachel C

Thank-you for challenging me even though it was awkward at times. I really feel that Melbourne is very lucky to have you with us. You have a rare and unique way of teaching.

Sasha T