Saturdays: 19 Mar, 9 Apr, 28 May 2016 at 11am
Sundays: 20 Mar, 10 Apr, 29 May 2016 at 2pm

Sydney Biennale
In Memory of the Last Sunset

In direct engagement with Neha Choksi’s installation – a wall layered with multiple images of sunsets – dancer Alice Cummins’ cyclical performance asks urgent questions about the life of an ever-warming planet and the life of an ageing body. 

June and July 2016 – NYC and Montreal

Photo Michele Theunissen


In June Alice will be in NYC to work with colleagues and then on to Montreal where she is presenting at the annual BMCA conference, Metamorphosis: Evolutionary Pathways in Somatics.

Alice then has a residency at Concordia University, made possible through Erin Manning and the SenseLab. Based in Montreal, the SenseLab is an international network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism.

Photo Michele Theunissen

July 2016 – Perth

Dance/film Collaboration
After 15 years Alice is once more collaborating with visual artist Michele Theunissen. This new work involves several dancers, film and installation. As part of this project Alice will continue her collaboration with dance artist Jacqui Otago.

Based on the idea of disappearance. Of what? Of the world as we know it, of the natural world, of handwriting, of languages, of cultures, of youth, of forms of slow communication, of friendships, of loved ones.
Michele T - 2016


26 June 2015 – Melbourne

Footfall Ensemble
In the company of others
Dancers Naree Vachananda, Philipa Rothfield and Suze Smith, with musician Myfanwy Alderson, directed by Alice Cummins.

The Yoga Lab
494 Lygon St, Brunswick East

2014- 2017 - Perth

The Liminal Project
Improvisational practice/performance/research with Jacqui Otago

25 August - 5 September 2014; August - September 2017

Creative Residency – The Chapel Space
117 Angove St, North Perth, WA

May 17 2014 – Melbourne

Sound Body
Trio of sounders and movers

Conduit Arts Initiative
83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC

May 13 2013 – Melbourne

MOV-E-MENT... response to a stimulus.
A performance of interactive fields, movement, sounds, installation.

Visual artist-curator Juana Beltran with Jenny Barnes (voice), Alice Cummins (dance), Scott McConnochie (saxaphone), Ren Walters (guitars).

“ Motion signifies a continuous change in the configuration of a physical system.” 

La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC

 September 14 2012 – Perth

As director with feminist scholar and performer Brenda Downing.

“My body remembers everything, forgets nothing…it leaks memory into the silence…”     Brenda Downing

The Chapel Space
17 Angove St, North Perth, WA

Image from video by Cobie Orger

June 20 to 22 2012 – Melbourne

Where Our Edges Meet
ith collaborator musician/composer Anita Hustas,
Anniversary Season, – ALIVE! 20 Years

150 Princes St, North Carlton VIC

May 21 2012 – Melbourne

Where Our Edges Meet
With collaborator musician/composer Anita Hustas,

La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC


2011 Melbourne

Where the Image Meets the Body, Symposium: (Next to) uselessness ... a performative tale, Monash University

The Little Con – gets square, Dancehouse

2011 Paris

Lumbar – with Sarita Beraha, Festival of Experimental Film

2011 Perth 

Aperture – director, 1st stage of creative development with feminist scholar and performer Brenda Downing