This study has had a profound effect on me. I have found pleasure in recognising the states that feel familiar to me, and exploring those that are unfamiliar and foreign. The Somatic Wisdom program has led to a deepening understanding of myself that has affected my personal, relational and professional life and informed my research for a Masters of Creative Arts Therapy.
Alice Robinson | Performer & Educator

The potential of this work holds profound interest for me in my practice as a psychotherapist. I vividly remember the moment when I suddenly had the deeply felt knowing, ‘thank god there’s someone there’. I experienced this not as a thought or nice idea, rather as an unmistakeable and deeply relieving truth. I deeply appreciate Alice’s skill, dedication, and sophistication as a teacher.
Ann-Maree Rundle | Gestalt Psychotherapist

The words, “I have a body now, Alice” are testimony to the profound impact of this work. Through my studies in the Somatic Wisdom program, and as a private client, I have developed greater resilience. Alice’s deeply embodied presence gave me courage and agency. The work underpinned the methodology of my PhD thesis, Feeling the Fleshed Body.
Brenda Downing | Feminist Scholar

BMC has changed my life. My studies with Alice have opened other neural pathways, given me a newfound confidence and a multitude of creative opportunities. My dancing continues to grow fuller – with presence, availability, discovery and fulfilling accomplishment.
Jacqui Otago | Dance Artist

The Somatic Wisdom program was a chance to dive deep into the hidden parts of consciousness – the place of symbol, metaphor and poetry. The residential nature of the program, in a rural setting, allows time for reflection, clarification and integration of the material. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunities to dance, play, and creatively and intuitively explore the somatic material.
Maeve Larkin | Dance Movement Therapist

My somatic research with Alice has been an integral touchstone for me as an artist and as a human being. The process of self-discovery and embodiment has sharpened my perceptions and deepened my compassion for other bodies. Body-Mind Centering® principles inform my role as Co-Artistic Director of Sensorium Theatre.
Michelle Hovane | Theatre Director

My performance making, teaching and directing of students and professionals is directly informed by Alice’s work and methodology. Body-Mind Centering® was pivotal to the ideas framing my doctoral research (Undoing Discomfort: being real/ becoming other in an embodied performance practice), around creative and somatic systems that make and unmake the body of the performer.
Nikki Heywood | Performance maker and Scholar