Private Practice

Body-Mind Centering® Sessions: An embodied approach to your body & health

Body-Mind Centering® sessions enable the deep satisfying work of healing and growing in body and mind. I am a Practitioner committed to helping my clients feel empowered. The body is central to this empowerment. Your relationship to yourself and others begins with an appreciation for and understanding of the inherent pleasure, wisdom and guidance your body can bring to your lived experience.  

What happens in a session?

The healing process is a creative collaboration. We begin in conversation exploring your needs, concerns and immediate interests. These may include a specific physical injury or problem, a sense of disconnection or general malaise. My role is to listen and guide, leading and following your emergent physical and verbal responses.

My response to your needs may include:

  • Hands On Bodywork
  • Movement
  • Experiential Imagery
  • Anatomical Illustrations and Models
  • Playful Props
  • Dialogue
  • You can take it with you

The skills, techniques and awareness you acquire during a session can be applied in your everyday life. You can take a more active role in unraveling chronic aches and pains, perceptual and learning difficulties, headaches, eating disorders, emotional difficulties, sports injuries, hypertension and poor posture. As you experience greater physical, emotional and mental flexibility, you will approach your problems in more balanced and creative ways.

I invite you to engage with the pleasure of living a wholehearted life.  Download flyer

I maintain a private practice in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I also see clients in Sydney and Perth when I work interstate. 

The process of transformation requires rigour, courage and compassion. I am engaged in working with these qualities in my practice as a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner. 

My engagement with BMC has been life-changing. Alice’s gentle and respectful guidance has helped me re-enter my body to understand the somatic dissonance I’ve lived with for decades and helped me re-integrate my trauma experience. It has been a profound and deeply moving process. 

B. Downing