Spring in the Valley

It’s a glorious day here in the valley at Riddells Creek Studio. I just walked out to taste the air and take my ritual walk to the creek accompanied by the sound of frogs croaking happily along the banks. The sun is out and whilst the air is crisp, it is clear that spring is around the bend. The very first blossom opened on the plum tree this morning. The sky has been a clear blue all day with white clouds floating by. Yes it’s heaven … waking to absolute quiet except for a chorus of birds that chirp along all day. The fire chugs along and the Daphne has given me the first cuttings to bring inside – the perfume is exquisite. And the Hardenbergia is abundant – spilling over the verandah balcony and trellis creating a purple cascade. On a walk through Barrm Birrm this morning the Cassinia, wet with rain, gave off its unique aroma. It’s very hard to return to the city when the world around me is so beautiful. It beckons me to remain, to linger and to rest in its bounty.