The eve of the first Professional Development Program

The air is still and night is descending on the Studio and environs. All is in readiness for the first Skeletal Program with seven people arriving from around Australia to deepen their study of Body-Mind Centering and Somatic Research. I am poised and waiting with anticipation for this new beginning and decade of my work. Daniel Troy and Ross have continued to make subtle changes to the studio and the surrounds to make it both more practical and more beautiful. I am indebted to both of them for helping me fulfil a dream and a vision. 

Riddells Creek Studio is situated in a gorgeous little valley, near a village, and the longer I hang around the more folk I meet with interesting lives, and abundant creativity. 

I hope many folk will come and dance or take up an artist's residency in this luscious place. A dancer from Greece has already enquired so I look forward to the unfolding of this space in multiple ways.