Riddells Creek Studio


Situated at the foot of the Macedon Ranges, Riddells Creek Studio offers a quiet sanctuary of bird-life, walks and bush – a place to nourish, replenish, practice and create. The studio is on 4 acres of land and opposite Barrm Birrm, a 250 hectare of flora and fauna reserve with accessible walking tracks. Once a cabinetmaker’s workshop, the studio is 20 x 10 meters of gorgeous Tassie Oak floorboards ready to dance on!! The studio fulfils a dream for Alice since visiting and dancing at Earthdance, USA – a haven for people interested in movement research. The studio is just 45 minutes by train from Melbourne or 1/2 hour from the airport by car.

Beginning Easter 2010 several working bees took place to prepare the studio floor for sanding, cleaning and clearing the sheds as well as making a home and a vegetable garden. Intensive meetings followed with a small key group: Suze Smith, Pi Wei Lim, Ineke de Graaf and Nicola Eddington. Alice extends her thanks to their inspiring support and to Ross Colliver for his vision, persistence and loving belief in the project.

The studio is now fully functioning with completed sleeping area and bathroom (including outside hot shower). The kitchen / living area is a work-in-progress with a homely feel and good facilities. There is a  library for leisure and research reading.

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Professional Development Program: This program began in January 2012 for those people who wanted to deepen their understanding of Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) and its application in their professional and personal lives.

The program continues:
18 – 22 November 2019: Nervous System
9 – 13 March 2020: Muscle System

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Somatic Practices

Body-Mind Centering® and Authentic Movement

These movement practices are based on a philosophy and understanding of mindful embodiment – the integration of conceptual and cellular knowing which understands and allows for intelligence to emerge from multiple sources in the bodymind and is not reliant or insistent upon a dominant rational knowing. Knowing is emergent and may be slippery or difficult to ‘hear’ when first practiced. It is a listening to the whole body that does not exclude intuition and feeling but employs them to deepen and enrich understanding. The foundation is the intelligent bodymind from cellular organisation to the integration of the whole organism.

Performance Practices


... is a moment-by-moment composition with risk always present … the risk of falling or failing …what is it to be? Both might have something to offer… at this particular moment of your personal trajectory/history or the worlds’. Collision is possible in these moments ... between past, present and future … grandeur is experienced in the sublime moments of dissolution and passion lurks at every bend of the … aching, arcing, arching body …


In these practices you will develop a poetic sensibility … the minutiae of the everyday holds fascination and intrigue; form is perceived in the seemingly random organisation of the natural environment and composition within the formal structures of our lived environments. We learn from responding, listening, waiting/pausing and initiating in the differing configurations of duet, trio or group work. Improvising with others in duet, trio and group work, engages us in relationships of social space.