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Alive: Playing with Tone & Tensegrity – Sydney

From our sub-cellular cytoskeleton through muscles, bones and fascia we are a tensegritystructure. These structures create the potential for our adaptation through movement ... and movement is how we navigate the temporal and spatial realms. Toneis the experience of balance in our bodies. All our systems can be supported to find balanced tone – increasing our potential to shift, perceive and create with agility. Agility is a psychophysical state no matter our capacity, age, ability/disability … how we approach life day to day, how we engage with others, and how we make decisions both personal and professional that influence our sense of well-being.

Tone & tensegrity have embryological and developmental origins, developing in relationship to resistance and support. From early developmental patterns and reflexes we will explore more complex organization – embodying different states and toning through the layers of our tissue – bones, muscles, fascia and cells.

You will be guided through these somatic experiences with movement, voice and experiential anatomy. Discovering ways of moving that are original to you rather than prescriptive, frees up the imagination. The use of voice tones our diaphragms and whole being. In a world of rapid change we need this capacity for adaptation along with the felicity to enjoy being ‘in the company of others’. Playfulness brings delight to all our relationships.

This workshop is an opportunity for professional development as well as an introduction to Body-Mind Centering®’s approach to the inherent intelligence of the moving body.  The practice offers a rich palate of experiences for both the beginner and the more experienced participant.

Dates:  3, 4 & 5th October
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: ReadyMade Works

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