Somatic Wisdom - Professional Development

This residential program began in January 2012 for those people who wanted to deepen their understanding of Somatic work and its application in their professional and personal lives. The program offers practitioners from differing fields of creative arts, health, yoga and education, the opportunity to study, deepen and refine their engagement with Body-Mind Centering® and related somatic movement studies.

The program has been designed so students can do discrete modules or the whole course of study over a period of years. This enables individuals to follow their interests as they feel ready.

The program is 500+ hours across twelve modules. The modules are limited to 8 people so that students receive personal attention and support for their learning style and embodied practice. Each module offers a specific focus outlined below.

Pre-requisites: 50 hours study (workshops | private sessions).

November 2019
November 18 – 22: Nervous System

March 2020
March 9 – 13: Muscle System


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Philosophical and Somatic Principles:

Conversations, Reflection and Learning Together

During the course of each module an afternoon is allocated for conversation and learning together. This opportunity gives each student the opportunity to bring their current research enquiries to the group. The enquiry can be regarding their personal or professional life as well as questions they have in regard to how they are experiencing the work. The invitation is broad and inclusive. It is a rich time for reflection and exchange for everyone and offers the witnessing of transformative moments of integration.

Cellular Consciousness

Embodying cellular consciousness helps us transition between receptivity and expression, listening and speaking and helps us perceive the needs of community in the present moment. We will practice this in a continuum within all modules offered.

Hands-on Practice

Touch and repatterning is part of each module and students will learn to meet clients through the different tissues and structures of the body. Guidelines will be provided to enable students to learn in a safe and empathic environment as well as understanding the responsibilities of learning to work with touch in ways that are supportive, healing and safe for clients.


Students are encouraged to give feedback about all aspects of the course. This includes their well-being in the residential situation. Riddells Creek Studio is in a rural environment and requires all participants to take responsibility and care of each other and the environment in which we are learning together. This becomes a critical part of the learning. Written feedback is required from all students to complete the course.

Student Testimonials

These testimonials are from students who have all completed the requirements of the Somatic Wisdom Program.

This study has had a profound effect on me. I have found pleasure in recognising the states that feel familiar to me, and exploring those that are unfamiliar and foreign. The Somatic Wisdom program has led to a deepening understanding of myself that has affected my personal, relational and professional life and informed my research for a Masters of Creative Arts Therapy. Alice Robinson | Performer & Educator

The potential of this work holds profound interest for me in my practice as a psychotherapist. I vividly remember the moment when I suddenly had the deeply felt knowing, ‘thank god there’s someone there’. I experienced this not as a thought or nice idea, rather as an unmistakeable and deeply relieving truth. I deeply appreciate Alice’s skill, dedication, and sophistication as a teacher. Ann-Maree Rundle | Gestalt Psychotherapist

“I have a body now, Alice” – are testimony to the profound impact of this work. Through my studies in the Somatic Wisdom program, and as a private client, I have developed greater resilience. Alice’s deeply embodied presence gave me courage and agency. The work underpinned the methodology of my PhD thesis, Feeling the Fleshed Body. Brenda Downing | Feminist Scholar

BMC has changed my life. My studies with Alice have opened other neural pathways, given me a newfound confidence and a multitude of creative opportunities. My dancing continues to grow fuller – with presence, availability, discovery and fulfilling accomplishment. Jacqui Otago | Dance Artist

The Somatic Wisdom program was a chance to dive deep into the hidden parts of consciousness – the place of symbol, metaphor and poetry. The residential nature of the program, in a rural setting, allows time for reflection, clarification and integration of the material. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunities to dance, play, and creatively and intuitively explore the somatic material. Maeve Larkin | Dance Movement Therapist

My somatic research with Alice has been an integral touchstone for me as an artist and as a human being. The process of self-discovery and embodiment has sharpened my perceptions and deepened my compassion for other bodies. Body-Mind Centering® principles inform my role as Co-Artistic Director of Sensorium Theatre. Michelle Hovane | Co-Artistic Theatre Director

My performance making, teaching and directing of students and professionals is directly informed by Alice’s work and methodology. Body-Mind Centering® was pivotal to the ideas framing my doctoral research (Undoing Discomfort: being real/ becoming other in an embodied performance practice), around creative and somatic systems that make and unmake the body of the performer. Nikki Heywood | Performance maker and Scholar