Somatic Wisdom

Embodiment is not a series of ideas or concepts. It is an experiential practice that engages with the world in a continuous and dynamic conversation

Alice Cummins

The Somatic Wisdom program began in January 2012 and continues for those people wanting to deepen their understanding of somatic work and its application in their professional and personal lives. The program is designed to offer practitioners from differing fields of creative arts, health, yoga and education, the opportunity to study, deepen and refine their engagement with Body-Mind Centering® and related somatic movement studies.

Each module offers a specific focus and students receive personal attention and support for their learning and embodiment. Students gain confidence in assessing and discerning somatic integration problems and working ‘hands-on’ with clients in their work as health practitioners, artists, yoga practitioners, educators and therapists.

Bespoke Program
The Somatic Wisdom residential program is presented in a peaceful rural setting with only eight students each module. This small number creates the opportunity for an intimate learning experience, making it possible to support students’ individual process and learning style.

Learning Outcomes
1. Embodied awareness of self, other and the relationship with the living world
2. Address alignment through an understanding of physiological form and function
3. Develop somatic intelligence, imagination and stamina
4. Hands-on skills
5. Understanding and expression through movement
6. Integrate the physiological, emotional and psychological bodymind
7. Recognise movement is a form of knowledge making
8. Understanding of creative process through embodiment and somatic awareness
9. Confidence in working with others – both individually and with groups
10. Evaluate clients’ somatic concerns
11. Reflect and assess alone and with group
12. Collegial relationship both locally and globally

50 hours study (workshops | private sessions)
Prior professional experience or related studies can be taken into consideration

Further information

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Programs 2019 & 2020
November 18 – 22, 2019: Nervous System
March 9 – 13, 2020: Muscle System