Somatic Wisdom

Embodiment is not a series of ideas or concepts. It is an experiential practice that engages with the world in a continuous and dynamic conversation

Alice Cummins

The Somatic Wisdom program contributes to the emerging field of somatics in Australia within creative arts, health, education and wellbeing. The program began in 2012 and offers established and developing practitioners the opportunity to study, deepen and refine their engagement with Body-Mind Centering® and related somatic practices.

Somatic Wisdom is an ISMETA Approved Training Program enabling graduates to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators & Therapists (RSME/T).  

Bespoke Program
This residential program encourages students to realize their originality and potential through embodied practices that have relevance and application in their professional and personal lives. Offered twice a year in a peaceful rural setting, numbers are limited so students receive personal attention and support for their process.

The program is 500+ hours and each of the twelve modules focuses on a specific system of the bodymind and human development. Students gain confidence in assessing and discerning somatic integration problems and working ‘hands-on’ with clients in their work as health practitioners, artists, yoga practitioners, educators and therapists.

Learning Outcomes
·       Embodied knowing - awareness of self and other
·       Relationship with the living world
·       Somatic intelligence, imagination and stamina
·       Hands-on techniques
·       Developmental movement patterns
·       Understanding and expression through movement
·       Recognise movement as a form of knowledge making
·       Understanding transformational and creative processes
·       Confidence in evaluating clients’ somatic concerns
·       Capacity to work with individuals and groups
·       Psycho-somatic integration
·       Collegial relationship both locally and globally

50 hours study (workshops | private sessions)
Prior professional experience or related studies can be taken into consideration

Program Dates
November 18 – 22: Nervous system
2020 March 16 – 20: Muscle system
2020 November 16 – 20: Endocrine System, Breath and Voice
2021 March 15 – 19: Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses - RRR’s
2021 November 15 – 19: Psycho-physical Integration


Once you make an enquiry about the Somatic Wisdom program you will be sent an application form and further information regarding student requirements.

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